Vampire, Fae, Danger and Mystery

Carnal Magic

“I couldn’t wait to see what happened at the end, but didn’t want it to be over! If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would!” – Romancing the Dispatcher

“Lila Dubois creates a fantasy world so vivid that you will want to live there”

Isabel Santiago leads one of the most powerful vampire cabals. Brilliant and beautiful, she is chosen for a dangerous assignment—ambassador to the Fae court, on a mission to strengthen the fragile alliance between the Tuatha de Danann and Vampires.

Aed mac Goll’s loyalty to Fae is absolute. A warrior and protector, he’s never supported the Wraith Accords, which gave Vampires sanctuary in Fae and restored the Tuatha de’s link to humanity.

Aed and Isabel have nothing in common, but that does nothing to mute their sudden, powerful attraction for one another. When the accords shatter amid calls for Isabel’s head, Aed realizes their connection is more than physical. For the first time he finds his loyalties torn, and himself on the run with a vampire. To save each other, and protect the future of both their peoples, they’ll have to unravel a mystery that’s been a thousand years in the making.

Carnal Fire – Coming 2019