Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon

Liz knows what she wants–to be dominated by a powerful man–but she has yet to meet one strong enough to do it. Successful and confident in every other aspect of her life, Liz’s desire to submit destroyed her last relationship, leaving her wary and defensive.

Marc is careful when selecting subs–as an ex-NFL player he’s already imposing enough without admitting he likes his sex rough and kinky.

When the former college friends meet at a BDSM mixer they’re shocked to see one another, but Marc isn’t surprised that the super successful Liz is a Domme. When Liz admits that she wasn’t looking for a sub, but is a submissive herself, Marc realizes she’s the BDSM partner he’s been waiting for.

Their chemistry is undeniable, and Liz’s brand of submission–fiery, passionate–challenges Marc as a Dom. Intended to be purely sexual, their relationship soon becomes more. But Liz’s past has left her wounded and raw, unable to give herself to Marc, no matter how much she wants it.

Now that he’s found the perfect woman, Marc will have to show her that her dark desires aren’t something to be ashamed of, and he’s not afraid to put her over his knee to make his point.

This contemporary erotic BDSM romance contains D/s and adult situations and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Note: Red Ribbon was previously published by Ellora’s Cave Publishing

Betrayed by Love

Betrayed-by-Love-Mockup1Betrayed By Love from multi-published, bestselling author of BDSM erotic romance author Lila Dubois is a look into the world of Dominant/submissive relationships that will keep you turning the pages. Discover if Roman and Savannah can overcome the secrets and lies to find their once-in-a-lifetime love.

Five years ago, a terrible betrayal tore Roman and Savannah apart.

Roman’s burgeoning interest in the world of BDSM and his desire to master Savannah led them deep into the heart of sexual fetish. A weekend at the house of a high-powered Dom was supposed to be the next step in the exploration of their Dominant/submissive relationship, but when their host convinces Roman to turn Savannah over to him for training, their love is stretched beyond the breaking point.

Savannah—believing Roman has given her away forever—flees, but not before suffering at the hands of the sadistic Dom. Roman knows nothing of what she’s endured, believing Savannah left him because of his desires.

When they meet again five years later, they must decide whether lies will continue to keep them apart, or if what they had is enough to rekindle a once-in-a-lifetime love.

This contemporary erotic hard-core BDSM romance contains D/s relationship, betrayal, violence, and adult situations and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Dangerous Lust

Dangerous-Lust-Mockup1Leona is on track to accomplish her goals, but something is missing in her life. Knowing what it is and going after it leave only one question…is she brave enough to go after her hidden desire?

Dangerous Lust, from multi-published, bestselling author of D/s erotic romance Lila Dubois is a look into the world of Dominant/submissive relationships that will have you reaching for the ice!

Leona is playing a dangerous game. To outsiders it might seem as though she’s a normal college senior with good grades, an internship and a post-graduation plan. But all the studying and partying in the world isn’t satisfying her. Not even her best friends know about her secret desire—to be a sexual submissive.

One night, lonely and frustrated, she arranges to meet with a Dom she’s been chatting with online. Master Clay is everything she imagined, but the experience is more intense and frightening than she’d anticipated. Bit by bit she slips into the world of sexual submission, addicted to the intensity of each experience.

Leona’s secret sex life leaves no room for anyone else in her life, even Brad, the geeky-sexy young computer programmer she meets at her internship. Until a chance run-in with Master Clay in the outside world leaves her reeling, and she turns to Brad for comfort and in lust.