Bullshit Remover Enamel Pin

Enamel pin of a flowery, pink detergent bottle. The brand? Bullshit Remover. A necessary cleaning product for all the badasses out there. That and bleach, because Covid-19.

1.8 x 3cm

Cootie Catcher with Glitter

Perfect for all those 90s kids who knew that you could predict the future with a cootie catcher and also wore craft glitter as eyeshadow.

3 x 2cm

Desk Flip Enamel Pin

Screaming “fuck this” while flipping a table seems cathartic, but messy. Maybe just wear this pin to warn people that’s where you are emotionally.

2.5 x 2.5cm

Do No Harm, But Take No Shit Enamel Pin

Do no harm, but take no shit is a life motto and a romance reader motto. Wear this when you want to remind the world being caring and taking no crap aren’t mutually exclusive.


Drink, Read, Love Book Stack Enamel Pin

Three brightly colored books with the words “drink” “read” and “love” on the spines are topped by a pale blue-gray mug. Whether it’s a tea mug, coffee mug, or vodka mug is up to you to decide.

2.75 x 3cm

Fuckboi Spray Enamel Pin

Repel the men that aren’t good enough for you with this pretty “Fuckboi Repellent” pin.

1.5 x 3cm


This black and gold grimoire has an evil eye and bat wings.

3.25 x 2.5cm

Just One More Chapter Enamel Pin

“Just One More Chapter” is usually a big fat lie. Forget sleep. Read! Enamel pin is a stack of four books with the text on the spines  and roses on the right side

4 x 3cm

Writer Typewriter Enamel Pin

Black typewriter enamel pin that says “writer.” Perfect for writers who need people to know why they seem crazy.

3 x 2.5cm