From International Bestselling Author Lila Dubois comes a story of passion, lies, and love.

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San Francisco Longing – January 8th

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She never meant to lie to him, let alone submit to him.

When Christiana discovered the secret BDSM club she threw caution to the wind and snuck in, hoping only to watch the things she’d been fantasizing about.

Until James.

Dominant and charming, he’s everything she never knew she needed.

And he wants her.

Three amazing nights together, but then the party’s over. He thinks he’ll see her again. Christiana knows this is the end.

But how can she say goodbye to the man who claimed her, body and soul?

San Francisco Lost – January 22nd

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For three nights, collar in hand, James waits for the woman he’s fallen madly in lust with.
She never arrives.
And when he asks, it’s revealed there is no member named Christiana.

Christiana knows it’s time to stop pining over James. By now he knows she wasn’t who she said she was and has probably moved on. She should too.
Maybe it’s time to try submitting to a different Dom.

James should let it go.
He should let her go.
But he can’t shake the feeling that she’s in danger. That she needs him.

San Francisco Love – February 5th

She lied to him, and now she has to pay the price. His price.







please forgive any typos, this is an unedited excerpt direct from the author’s computer.

copyright Lila Dubois, 2018

* * *

She weighed her fear of rejection and pain—quite literal pain because she was sure he would punish her—against her regret. Regret for what she’d done to him. Regret for not telling him the truth about who she was, and who she wasn’t.


She didn’t want to look back on her life and be anguished at her own cowardice. If she’d known what would happen she wouldn’t have lied. Wouldn’t have pretended to be someone she wasn’t. It had started out as an adventure. She’d been a stranger in a strange land, an anthropologist studying a foreign culture.

She was still a stranger to him, and his world. She was a quiet, quirky, engineer while he was a rich, powerful, and worldly prince.

A literal prince.

Her body was still bruised and aching from the beating last night. What would he say if he knew in her desperation to get over him she’d tried to find another Dom? It had been a mistake, leaving her body and soul battered and bruised.

He’d come for her. He’d found her. That means he knew who she was.

“I don’t fully understand why you lied. Why you pretended to be a member of the Orchid Society.” James Nolen’s voice was carefully neutral.

“I told you, I felt like—”

“Alice through the looking glass,” he cut in. “But it’s more than that, isn’t it? You recognized the St. Andrew’s Cross.“

She couldn’t deny it. “Yes, I did.”

“That means you’re interested in BDSM. Knowledgeable.” He stepped closer. “You wanted to see masters and submissive play.”

Her breath was coming faster and she felt flushed. “Yes.”

“Because it’s something that fascinates you. Is submission what you fantasize about at night?”

“I was just going to look, just that first night,” she whispered. “I wasn’t going to do anything.”

“But you did. With me.” His dark gaze bore into her. “You submitted to me.”

Christiana shivered at the need, the aching desire, his simple words aroused within her.

She wanted him. Needed him. Especially after the mistakes she’d made last night.

“I’m so sorry, James.”

I want you. I need you.

Forgive me.

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