Trinity Masters

Ménage Romantic Suspense

In this red-hot collection, an exclusive secret society requires every woman to enter into a marriage with two men. Follow along on these steamy ménage nights with successful moguls and billionaire playboys!

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Elemental Pleasure Cover Art

Book 1

Primal Passion Cover Art

Book 2

Scorching Desire Cover Art

Book 3

After Burn Cover Art

Book 3.5

Forbidden Legacy Cover Art

Book 4

Book 5

A Very Trinity Christmas Cover Art

A Free Short Story

Elegant Seduction

Book 6

A Grand Master Christmas

A Free Short Story

Secret Scandal Cover Art

Book 7

Delicate Ties Cover Art

Book 8

Book 9

Masterful Truth Cover Art

Book 10

Wildly Inappropriate Cover Art

Book 10.5

Book 11

Hollywood Lies Cover Art

Book 11.5

Book 12

Joyful Engagement Cover Art

Book 12.5

Trinity Masters Box Set Cover Art

Box Set (Books 1-4)

The Trinity Masters: Purist Dominion Cover Art

Box Set (Books 5 & 6)

Reading Order

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Graphic showing the suggested reading order of the Trinity Masters and Masters' Admiralty series

Trinity Masters & Masters’ Admiralty Complete Series Reading Order

1) Elemental Pleasure (Trinity Masters Book 1)
2) Primal Passion (Trinity Masters Book 2)
3) Scorching Desire (Trinity Masters Book 3)

4) After Burn (Trinity Masters Book 3.5)
–free short story

5) Forbidden Legacy (Trinity Masters Book 4)

6) Hidden Devotion (Trinity Masters Book 5)

7) A Very Trinity Christmas
–free short story

8) Elegant Seduction (Trinity Masters Book 6)

9) A Grand Master Christmas (free short story)
–free short story

10) Secret Scandal (Trinity Masters Book 7)

11) Delicate Ties (Trinity Masters Book 8)

12) Beloved Sacrifice (Trinity Masters Book 9)

13) Treachery’s Devotion (Masters’ Admiralty Book 1)

14) Masterful Truth (Trinity Masters Book 10)

15) Worlds Collide (Masters’ Admiralty Book 1.5)
–free read

16) Wildly Inappropriate (Trinity Masters Book 10.5)

17) Loyalty’s Betrayal (Masters’ Admiralty Book 2)

18) Pleasure’s Fury (Masters’ Admiralty Book 3)

19) Honor’s Revenge (Masters’ Admiralty Book 4)

20) Bravery’s Sin (Masters’ Admiralty Book 5)

21) Fiery Surrender (Trinity Masters Book 11)

22) Hollywood Lies (Trinity Masters Book 11.5, Warrior Scholars Book 1)

23) Necessary Pursuit (Trinity Masters Book 12)

24) Joyful Engagement (Trinity Masters Book 12.5, Warrior Scholars Book 2)

25) Wrath’s Storm (Masters’ Admiralty Book 6)

26) Suspicion’s Fire (Masters’ Admiralty Book 7)
27) Desire’s Addiction (Masters’ Admiralty Book 8)
28) Danger’s Heir (Masters’ Admiralty Book 9)

Short Stories in the Trinity Masters/Masters’ Admiralty Universe

After Burn, Trinity Masters 3.5
A Very Trinity Christmas, a Trinity Masters Short Story
A Grand Master Christmas, a Trinity Masters Short Story
Worlds Collide, a Masters Admirality / Masters and Mercenaries Crossover Story
Wildly Inappropriate, a Wild Irish / Trinity Masters / BDSM Checklist Story