BDSM Checklist, Book 11 – January 2020

Is it really a kidnapping if you know it’s coming?

Oliver Sanz isn’t one for games, but he’s intrigued by the opportunity his BDSM club’s new checklist game presents. Assigned to the letter K, he gets to kidnap the lovely submissive Kumiko. One weekend together—a touch of novelty, which for an experienced Dom can be hard to come by—and then they’ll part ways.

Kumiko doesn’t know who her Dom is, but she knows she’s been assigned to the letter K, and that means one of their kinky items is undoubtedly kidnapping. Too bad she doesn’t need, or want, fantasy role play. What she needs is a serious Dom to help her get out of her head.

The first time they touch they realize there’s a problem—what’s between them is explosive, making their scenes too intense, and the kidnapping seem all too real.

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