S bonus

Bonus Scene from “S is for…”

This scene takes place several weeks after the end of the events in “S is for…”

Note that this is straight from Lila’s computer, and hasn’t gone through the normal editing process, so there may be errors.


“I wondered about the horse trough.” Diann swung her legs as she watched her Master fill the person-sized wooden tub with water.

Her Master.

Diann finger the collar around her neck. It was a simple thing—black leather with a buckle and a dangling O ring.

“There wasn’t time during the game.” Master Morton checked the little plastic floating manta ray that bobbed on the top of the water. A water temperature monitor. When she’d seen him packing it in his bag, Diann had held up the small box—covered in pictures of infants—and asked Julen if there was something he needed to tell her.

His hard stare had been offset by the slight blush of embarrassment.

They were back in the Iron Court playroom they’d used several weeks ago. Julen had tired to reserve this room several times, but the club was fully booked most of the time. Even though most people had completed the game, the aftermath of the overseers’s mad idea was a distinct increase in activity.

Diann watched with interest as her Master finished filling the tub, then started wrapping the wooden sides with electric blankets.

“I wonder if anyone has ever done a study on the crossover percentages between people who enjoy DIY projects, and kink,” she mused.

“That ven diagram is a circle.”

“I thought that was nerds and kink.”

He looked up from strapping the blankets in place around the tub. “Are you calling me a nerd?”

“Yes, Master,” she said in her most submissive voice.

He straightened, eyeing her as she sat on the edge of the table, swinging her legs. He looked at her as if calculating all the dirty, dangerous things he was planning to do to her. Diann uncrossed her ankles, spreading her knees a little and holding her breath, hoping.

He’d barely touched her since they walked into the club and it was making her nuts.

Since that insane night in the pool house, she and Julen had been together, both at Las Palmas and in the vanilla world. Being with him was seamless and easy. She’d always found sentiments like “we’re puzzle pieces that fit together” trite, but that was exactly how she felt. They fit together.

Of course part of her was waiting for it all to go wrong, but she was grimly determined to enjoy it while it lasted.

The part she most worried about–the mixing of a vanilla relationship and a D/s one–had been shockingly easy.

Sometimes he’d look at her, and she knew, without words or any overt gestures or actions, that it was Master Morton looking at her, not Julen.

And it worked in reverse too.

One night they’d met for dinner after work at  a restaurant near LACMA, half way between his downtown residence and her Century City condo. She’d had a shit day and been chewed out by a senior partner for something she hadn’t had any control over, simply because shit rolled down hill at a law firm.

She felt irritable, out of control, and anxious about seeing Julen. In the past, when she felt like that, she would have called or texted Peter and asked if he had time to meet her at the club for a few hours. She’d already had a date with Julen scheduled, and hadn’t wanted to mess that up, or make him think she didn’t want the date, by asked that they switched up going out to dinner for doing a scene.

She hadn’t said anything, but Julen had known. He’d studied her while they ordered drinks, and then excused him self to go out to the car. Once they ordered food, he’d quietly suggested she go to the bathroom.

He’d followed her into the single-person restroom, and when he walked through the door he was Master Morton, not Julen.

He’d stripped her to the waist, her dress shirt still tucked into her pants and hanging loose around her hips, her suit jacket hooked on the back of the door, and her bra confiscated.

He’d pulled a thin coil of rope from his own jacket pocket and tied a simple chest harness—bands of rope above and below her breasts, then cinching those together between her tits.

The press of the rope made her almost instantly calm, though the calm quickly morphed to needy, when he bent her over the sink, breasts hanging, so he could pull down her pants and slide a thick plug into her ass.

Then he’d helped her dress—minus her bra—and they’d returned to their table.

He’d known what she needed and then given it to her without needing to be told or asked. It had been wonderful, but she’d been worried she’d  slip into subspace and go quiet the way she usually did in a scene. Instead, they’d gone on to have a perfectly normal conversation about their days, made plans to go to an exhibit at LACMA, and generally enjoyed one another’s company.

While wearing Master Morton’s ropes, she’d had a very nice date with Julen.

Master Morton examined his handiwork. “I may be a nerd–and I maintain that being a CPA doesn’t make me a nerd–“

“Math nerd,” she teased.

“–but my nerdiness should keep the water at a pleasant temperature for you.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“Come here.”

Diann slid off the table, then dropped to her knees at his feet. Master Morton slid his hand through her hair, then gripped the back of her neck, pressing the warm leather of his collar against her skin.

“Are you ready for this?”

Diann took a minute to think before she answered. “I think so, Master.”

“Stand up.”

She was naked except for a rope harness he’d tied on her back at her apartment. They’d met there after work since she was closer to Malibu, and he’d put her into ropes before letting her slip on a simple sun dress and a light sweater.

The harness wrapped her from chest to thigh, and it was getting to the point that she felt odd and unsettled without the pressure of the his ropes on her body.

So when he started untying, she shifted unhappily from foot to foot.

“This experience shouldn’t be affected by submission.” His fingers brushed against her as he unwound rope. “It should be a chance for your to experience something unique and powerful.”

She swayed into his touch and he smiled slightly, palming her breast for a moment.

“Have you done this before, Master?”

“Remember last weekend, when I had to get up early?”


“I went to a float spa and tried it. Wanted to make sure I wouldn’t hurt you.” He knelt, working the knots on the rope garters.

“I thought you liked hurting me, Master.”

“I like that face you make when you have to sit down after a good spanking.” He kissed her belly, just above her pussy.

She moaned in need.

When the final rope fell away he stood, trailing his hands up her body. When Diann swayed into him, he wrapped his arms around her, holding her. There was comfort in his touch, and it felt odd to be both comforted and turned on.

“Are you ready for sensory deprivation?” he asked softly.

“Yes, Master.”

Master Morton helped her into the trough. The water was warm, but not hot like a spa or a bath, and the water itself felt odd. She trailed her fingers over the surface.

“This is salt water,” he said. “So don’t drink it.”

“I don’t normally drink bath water,” she said with a twitch of her lips.

Master Morton moved a tall space heater over. “This should keep you warm so you aren’t distracted by the cold.” He moved a second item into place above her—a strip of LED lights on a small frame. He positioned it over the tub.

“What’s that for?”

“Red light.”

He knelt beside her, reaching over to touch her. When his elbow dipped into the water, getting his shirt wet, he stripped it off with quick jerking movements. Diann reached out, laying her wet hand over his heart. His palm pressed over hers, holding her hand in place, before he carefully brought her arm back into the tub.

Master Morton passed her a pair of odd, bulbous looking tanning goggles.

She looked at them, curious.

“They’re designed so that you can keep your eyes open while wearing them. I’ll start you in total darkness, then add the red light.”

“You’ll be here, right?”

“Yes. I won’t leave you. But you’ll have ear plugs in, both to dampen sound and to keep water out of your ears. You won’t hear me, but I’ll be here.”

She was starting to get nervous, and when he reached for her collar to unbuckle it, she grabbed his wrist.

“Please, no,” she whispered.

He shook off her hold, then gipping her gently by the neck, pulled her to the side so he could lean over and kiss her. He took possession of her mouth and she moaned.

“You don’t need this to know your mine.” He gently unbuckled the collar. “Do you?”

“No, Master.”


He handed her earplugs. Diann’s heartbeat sped up as she fitted the earplugs into place, and her breathing was fast and labored as he helped her put the googles on. There was light filtering through the plastic domes of the googles, but she couldn’t see anything, only knew there was light. It was like having her eyes closed, but they were open.

She grabbed onto her Master’s arms as he helped her lay back. If he said anything she couldn’t hear it, but he held her until the water stilled, and when he pulled his hands away she floated easily, her body buoyant.

Heat washed over her. He must have turned the heater on. Her nipples, which were painfully tight thanks to being wet, slowly relaxed.

The white light disappeared, leaving her in the quiet darkness. For a moment she was afraid—being alone in the darkness elicited a primal fear.

Except she wasn’t alone. Julen, her Master, was here with her. She couldn’t see him or hear him, but she knew he was here.

And soon it wasn’t dark. Colors and patterns appeared on the doms of the goggles, or maybe that was just in her mind.

Diann floated there, warm and safe. When he’d mentioned the plan for tonight she’d worried that sensory deprivation would give her too much time to think. One of the reasons she like intense play was so it drown out her thoughts.

Instead, she found herself thinking about nothing, thoughts occurring but floating away before she could latch onto them. She’d tried mediation before and never managed to blank her mind, but now it was easy, natural.

There was something almost magical about simply existing like this. She would never have sought out sensory deprivation on her own, but Julen had arranged it for her, and now she was experiencing an unexpected peace.

The lights changed, becoming pulsing patterns in every shade of florescent red. He must have turned on the LED lights.

For a few moments Diann focused on what she saw, before that too became something different.

She trusted Julen.

That thought didn’t float away. It pulsed through her in time with her heartbeat and the ever-changing pattern of the lights.

Of course she trusted Julen. It wasn’t a new idea.

But it thrummed through her, echoing and demanding she focus on it.

She trusted him with her body, yes. Her heart…that too. She was dating him, even though that crossover had been abhorrent with Peter, and not just because he’d stopped topping her the way he needed.

She’d trusted Peter with her body, but not with her heart. Even after years together, and being both physically and emotionally vulnerable with him, she’d always held part of herself back, safe behind walls in her mind.

She saw the walls for the first time, a Norman tower of pale red stone.


The walls of the tower crumbled, falling silently to the unseen ground.

Diann felt the air move over her lips and she opened her mouth and gasped.

She trusted Julen with her body, her heart…and her future. She didn’t know why it was him, but it was. He was her missing puzzle piece, her other half. He made her feel whole and safe.

Tears pricked her eyes and she must have made a sound, because a second later strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her up and out of the water.

Julen stripped the googles from her eyes and the plugs from her ears.

“Diann, Diann.”

She could barely see him in the faint red LED light, and it was an oddly demonic atmosphere.

She smiled at him even as tears tracked down her cheeks. His worried gaze raked over her.

“Are you okay? Talk to me.”

“I’m okay,” she whispered. “I’m okay. The walls came down.”

“The…walls? Diann, are you okay?”

“The walls around my heart,” she said, feeling corny, but not enough to hold back the words.

His expression relaxed. “Is it a good time to tell you I love you? Even thought we haven’t know each other long.”

“I love you, too,” she said with a watery laugh.

He kissed her, crushing her naked, wet body against his chest. When the kissed ended she laid her cheek against his head as she sat in his lap. “Julen?”

He stiffened a little at her use of his first name. “If you give me a minute to turn on the lights I can–“

“I’m not ending the scene. I just need to talk to both of you. My boyfriend and my Master.”

He turned his face into her chest and she felt him smile. “Ah. I understand.”

Diann took a steady breath before speaking her biggest revelation from the sensory deprivation. “Yes.”


Diann shifted so she could cup his hands in her face. His expression was worried and confused. She kissed his forehead, his eyelids, his cheeks.

“Yes,” she said again, “I’ll marry you.”