They’re perfect together, but everything they have is a lie.

The secret and exclusive Orchid Club is the only way for Alena to get close to reclusive billionaire Alexander Wagner. To attract his attention, she turns herself into his perfect submissive.

Alexander has spent years denying the darkest of his desires, but something about Alena calls to him. He thinks he’s met a woman he can trust with his licentious secrets.

When her betrayal is revealed, he’ll offer her a devil’s bargain. But the truth of who she is, and what she needs from him, is not nearly as dangerous as the passion between them.

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What readers are saying about the Orchid Club: Paris…

“Oh wow. Just….wow! I thought I knew what to expect with this book. But I didn’t expect this!!! This book had me hooked from the beginning, and now I just can’t wait until the next part hits my Kindle!”

“The cliffhanger almost broke my heart.”

“The chemistry between Solomon and Vivienne jumps off the pages.”

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