Trinity Masters, Book 11.5

Meet the Warrior Scholars, an elite team of former special forces operatives who protect the Trinity Masters. Grad students by day, henchmen by night.

Levi Hart is recovering from a mission gone wrong, so when he’s assigned to fly to L.A. to recruit Trixie Stokes, A-list celebrity and activist, it seems like an easy job. Especially since Trixie’s boyfriend Stefan, a fellow famous actor, is already a Trinity Masters member.

But nothing is as it seems. Trixie and Stefan’s relationship is a facade, hiding a broken heart, and a past that may destroy their future.

Trinity Masters, Book 12.5

Planning a wedding has never been this dangerous.

Warrior Scholar Tate Greene has been given a simple job: mailman. He, along with Roman Tanaka, travel to South Carolina to deliver two letters. Just two.

When Tate, Roman, and Scarlet Hall–who has a secret mission of her own–get to Charleston, they find out that the Grand Master has sent them into hostile territory, and the simple task is far more dangerous than Tate expected.

After a run in with a stun gun, the three find themselves held captive by the very people they were sent to surprise. They’ll have to work together to not only escape, but keep a trinity from ruining their chance at a happily ever after.

For mystery, romance and super hot ménage, you can’t beat Mari and Lila’s Trinity Masters.

Carrie Ann Ryan, New York Times bestselling author

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