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Book Hook text by a BookTok expert

Do you want the capitalize on the power of BookTok, but don’t have TikTok-ready “book hook” or “page flip” text? I’m offering a limited-time service in which I will analyze your book and create book hook text designed to be used in a variety of different styles of TikTok videos (page flip, slides, face, etc).

I am taking a limited number of people, and only in June. It will take me one week to return your book hook text once I’ve received the completed questionnaire and start on your book. Exact dates will be given once you’ve signed up.

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What you get

Option One

(~8 hours)

  • One set of book hook-style marketing text
    • For one book (not a series), and you choose the book
    • You complete a custom genre-specific questionnaire about the book at the beginning
  • Two example TikToks using your text
  • Music suggestions

Cost: $360

Option Two

(~14 hours)

  • Two different sets of book hook-style marketing text
    • Focusing on two different characters, moments, or aspects of the story
    • One book–the same book–(not a series), and you choose the book
    • You complete a custom genre-specific questionnaire about the book
  • Four example TikToks, two for each set of text
  • Music suggestions
  • 30 minute live zoom meeting for questions and discussion
    • Meeting to take place between June 14th and July 5th
    • I am open to having this meeting with just you, or you and an assistant if you’re planning to have someone else create the videos
    • This will not be a technical how-to walk through (see below).

Cost: $500

What types of books?

Genre fiction, including romance and all sub categories, fantasy and all sub categories, new adult and all sub genres, thriller, and mystery. These are the genres I know best, and which lend themselves to book hook text. Other genres absolutely can be successful on TikTok, but it might be with other types of videos, such as face videos.

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FAQs and Additional Information

Why do you need book hook text?

The power of strong, BookTok-oriented text is almost immeasurable. (But check the bottom of the page for some data.) BookTok has changed the way authors talk about our books, and many authors are using text they create specifically for and because of BookTok not only to make high-converting TikToks, but also using that same text on all social media platforms, as well as blurbs, ads, and more.

Basically, good book hook text can, and should, be used in many different places and over and over again. Use the same text while making slight adjustments to other variables (music, font, etc) and post it over and over again on TikTok.

Why should I pay you to do it?

Honestly, because you’re probably not good at writing marketing copy for your own books. I know that as authors we often get too caught up in perfection and specificity when talking about our book. This means that an outside perspective, especially from someone who understands the culture of BookTok, and can show proof of her methods working, may be exactly what you need.

And I’m good at it. See Are you guaranteeing I’ll go viral?

Will you post the video for me?

No. I firmly believe that the best and most effective TikTok account is one that you create and maintain yourself, plus any time I’m posting for someone else, that’s a lost opportunity to be posting for myself on my carefully created and cultivated accounts. However, having pre-done book hook text would make it much simpler for an assistant or social media manager (even if they’re not a TT expert) to create and post bookhook style videos on your behalf.

Are you guaranteeing I’ll go viral?

No. If I could guarantee going viral I’d be on my private island somewhere.

I can, however, offer some proof that I can write good book hook text for other people. Previously, I did an experiment to see what it would take to create and post videos for other authors, and during that experiment I was able to first write book hook text, then create TikTok videos with that text, that got 10k+ views. During that experiment I realized it wasn’t viable for me to post on behalf of other authors—I would have to charge more than anyone would want to pay. However, if I create the text and give it to the authors for them to use themselves, that’s viable on both sides.

Additionally, you don’t need to go viral. Posting daily book hook videos can, for many people, work the same way as running ads. A regular, small number of views, resulting a few sales, repeated every day, ads up.

Can you teach me how to create a TikTok?

Yes, but not as part of this service. For how-to and more comprehensive TT strategy, take the TikTok Sells Books Class.

My TikTok accounts:

These all feature adult language and situations, because I write predominantly spicy romance (erotic romance).

Additionally, I have multiple accounts because I received community guidelines violations warnings on both of my primary accounts, and panicked. Realistically I usually focus on two accounts at a time, as any more than that is too large a time commitment.

Author Brand Primary Account (“face” account): @liladuboisbooks

Book Hook Primary Account: @spicybookbinge

Additional Accounts:



Show me the numbers:

Here’s data showing what I did by repeating the same book hook text over and over, eventually building to a point where one video got 150k views over the course of a few days. I continue to use this same book hook text, and get videos with a smaller number of views, which still helps drive sales.

Here’s data showing what happened the first time I turned my ads off in favor of using TikTok only. I have since stopped running ads, as daily TikToks with low views have the same result.

Below is an excerpt from a TikTok Sells Books newsletter with details about using book hook videos to extend the tail on a new release.

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