Beloved Sacrifice

Beloved Sacrifice

Trinity Masters: Secrets and Sins, Book 5

When there’s nothing left to lose, what’s left to fight for?

Rose’s whole life has been spent in the shadows, meaning she’s no stranger to danger, fear, or pain. When her family’s crimes come to light, and a man she cares for is murdered, Rose has no problem becoming the villain they all assume her to be. Rose is ready to shed the blood of her enemies, of everyone who’s ever hurt her.

But before she can take her revenge, she’s kidnapped and wakes up to find herself in England. Her kidnapper? A boy who died years ago, whose death destroyed her heart. But he’s no longer a boy. He’s a man with scars and secrets.

The past and present collide, old sins coming to light, and Rose will have to decide if she’s ready to stand and fight for the people she loves and a future she never dared hope for.

“For mystery, romance and super hot ménage, you can’t beat Mari and Lila’s Trinity Masters.” —Carrie Ann Ryan, New York Times bestselling author