Desire’s Addiction

Desire’s Addiction

Trinity Masters: The Mafia, Book 2

She spent months as a captive…until they set her free.

Talya is smart and stubborn…and that’s why she’s spent two months as a prisoner to the mafia. They’ll let her go if she gives them what they want, but Talya would rather die than risk dangerous biochemical information falling into the wrong hands. And she probably will die–after all no one is coming to save her.

When the mafia decides to sell her, she assumes a bad situation is only going to get worse. Until she meets her new “master”…and it turns out the auction is the rescue she never dared hope for.

Billionaire Henri buys her to save her. It wasn’t the most traditional rescue, but now that she’s in his home, he will do anything to help her.

Milo is haunted by the fact that he saw her in chains…and had to leave her as a captive. Now that she’s safe with Henri, he should leave…but he doesn’t want to. Because he’s drawn to Talya and Henri. 

The betrayal of a friend strikes hard because the mafia isn’t finished with Talya.