Elegant Seduction

Elegant Seduction

Trinity Masters: Secrets and Sins, Book 2

Can a love built on deception survive?

Betraying Elyse Hunt shouldn’t be this hard.

Sebastian knows how to walk in the shadows, so when he’s sent undercover by the leader of a powerful secret society, he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to get the information he needs.

Even if that means lying to, and using, the woman he’s secretly wanted since they were both teenagers. A fake engagement–even if Sebastian is the only one who knows it’s fake–to Elle and Grant is part of the job. Grant is the target of Sebastian’s investigation, Elle just part of the cover story.

Sebastian never expects to develop feelings for her…for both of them.

Or for this investigation to put them all in danger, forcing him to choose between loyalty and love.

“So unique, so sexy…The Trinity Masters are the best reason to be sleep deprived!” —Erin Nicholas, New York Times bestselling author