Fiery Surrender

Fiery Surrender

Trinity Masters: The Hayden Brothers, Book 1

Hot sexy triplet #1 (The one who blows things up.)

Langston enjoys blowing things up. So it’s no surprise that he sort of, accidentally…blows up his arranged marriage. He could blame it on the fact that he’s newly married to not one, but two people. But Rich and Mina are sexy and intelligent and not the problem. He is.

The marriage looks doomed, until they’re given a task. Sent to Europe to investigate a bomb, what was supposed to be a honeymoon soon turns into a dangerous chase as a deadly foe is revealed. 

Langston, Rich, and Mina race against the clock to find a bomber who threatens to destroy everyone they love. And amidst the danger and explosions, Langston learns to trust his new spouses enough to tell them the truth…and bare his soul.