G is for…

G is for…

Checklist, Book 7

Given away to another Dom.

Of all the things Sejal expected from the letter G, having her Master give her away was never one of them.

As a member of LA’s most exclusive BDSM club, Sejal has to play the club overseer’s new game. A game where everyone is assigned a letter and with their partners has to explore every item that begins with that letter on the BDSM checklist. Collared and bonded to Master Sato, Sejal assumes he’ll be her partner, but one of the first items on the checklist is “given away to another Dom.” Sejal’s Master gives her to Master Cortland Dowell, a ridiculously sexy Dom who looks at her in a way her own Master hasn’t in far too long.

Cortland is a good Dom. It’s one of the few things he’s good at. And being a good Dom means when Master Sato passes over Sejal’s leash his first thought is making sure the beautiful submissive is okay with what’s happening.

Though they seem like very different people, Sejal and Cortland soon realize they’re a perfect fit as Dominant and submissive. The problem is she’s only his for the weekend, unless, of course, Cortland decides that instead of giving her away temporarily, Master Soto meant the other item on the checklist—giving away his sub…permanently.

What readers are saying…

“Ok, I just love these happy little books. The heroine, Sejal, was fabulously different. She is a 37-year-old, detail-oriented, neurosurgeon submissive who despite having what looks like every reason to be self-confident, actually has abandonment issues. Cort, is a bit of an unusual hero as well. He comes from a rich family but is insecure. He thinks of himself as being useless and has never found a definite direction for his life. While Sejal is the detail person, he is the emotion person and his love and care of Sejal is just what she needs (not to mention his sexy dominance!). Great love story. Nice epilogue. I enjoyed this happy escape.”