J is for…

J is for…

Checklist, Book 10

J is for…. nothing?

There’s nothing on the BDSM checklist that starts with the letter J. That should mean Grif and Davina, an established Dom/sub pair, will have an easy time with the Checklist Game. But when the overseers of Las Palmas, LA’s most exclusive club, challenge them to push their personal boundaries, they’ll find that they don’t know each other as well as they think.

Grif wants more from Davina—they’re perfect together as master and submissive, but despite the intimacy of their power exchange, they’re essentially strangers. He doesn’t even know her last name.

Davina needs submission, and the only man she trusts to Master her is Grif. She trusts him with her body, but not with her secrets. She wants to keep it that way, but once they start playing the game, will she be able to keep her past hidden from the man she might be falling in love with?

A simple challenge, a complicated relationship, and a night that could change everything.

“They know nothing about each other in the real world, but know everything about each other’s bodies, their wants and needs (or so they think).” –Amazon Review