Monster without a Cause

Monster without a Cause

Monsters in Hollywood, Book 1


I woke up next to a monster. Literally.

As a Hollywood producer I thought I’d seen everything. Until I met Luke.

My company passed on his movie pitch—a convoluted story about how monsters are real—but Luke and I have instant chemistry. 

I don’t expect this sweet, charming guy to be dominant and demanding in bed, but he is, and it’s the best night of my life.

The next morning…


I’m exhausted. That’s my only excuse for falling asleep and forgetting to stay human.

The moment I saw Keira all I could think was “mine,” and though I messed up the dinner date, once I put my (human) hands on her I knew just what to do.

Even better, Keira wasn’t afraid when I got possessive and rough with her delectable body.

After a night of passion I fall asleep, and turn back into a monster.

Keira’s terrified of me…but not for long. She’s smarter and braver than anyone I’ve ever met. She and her friends agree to help us, but not everyone is ready to find out that monsters are real… 


Hero is a gentleman in the streets but a freak in the bed

Extreme size difference (and a gargoyle)

Intimacy with a non-human (hero still a gargoyle)


Power exchange

Anal play

Forced helplessness (not quite CNC, but close)

Bondage elements



Familial death (off page)

Discussion of war/genocide (against the monsters)

Violence towards the heroine