My Fair Monster

My Fair Monster


If I’m going to help the monsters, I first need to know more about them, especially the sexy, overly-protective Michael. He’s been playing bodyguard, even though he and his people are the ones that need protecting. But despite being with him 24/7, he won’t tell me who, or what, he really is.

The curiosity is killing me, and the fact that I desperately want to kiss him doesn’t help. 


Jane is sweet and soft and smart. I trust her more than I trust any other human, but I know that if she were to see the real me, everything would fall apart. 

But Jane is also stubborn, and won’t stop asking questions. I propose a bargain, one I know she won’t agree to (no matter how much I want her to).

Except she does.

For one week she’s mine to touch and play with and pleasure. I’m going to have her naked and on her knees, and by the time I’m done she’ll never want a human lover again. But at the end of the week…

I have to show her my real form, and once I do that, I’ll lose her forever.