Pleasure’s Fury

Pleasure’s Fury

Trinity Masters: Masters Admiralty, Book 3

A brutal beginning. A killer who won’t stop. A love worth dying for.

While on the trail of a madman, Antonio Starabba finds something unexpected—the killer’s next victims, beaten, tortured, but alive.

Rescuing Leila and Karl means letting the killer escape, and once they’re safe, Antonio is overcome with a deep need to protect them. A bond forged in pain, blood, and fear deepens to something more, something that might just be love. When their wounds heal, Karl and Leila want revenge, and Antonio admits exactly who he is…and what he can do.

After all, the killer is still out there, eluding capture, and he’s made it clear that his next victims will be Leila, Karl…and Antonio.

“A red hot menagé with a clever plot. A definite keeper.” —Bianca D’Arc, USA Today Bestselling Author