Primal Passion

Primal Passion

Trinity Masters: Fall of the Grand Master, Book 2

An FBI agent. A dominant billionaire. And a virgin scientist.

Deni Parker doesn’t have time for anything but her cutting-edge scientific work, and that’s how she likes it. So when she’s called to the altar—years ahead of what she expected—by the very intimidating, and far too handsome, Price Bennett, Deni’s more than a little unprepared.

As CEO of a major security firm and heir to one of the largest fortunes in the world, Price is annoyed when the Grand Master orders him to transport the disorganized scientist to the ceremony to meet her partners. It’s only when they arrive that Price realizes he isn’t a messenger—he’s been matched with Deni.

Gunner Wells has been in love with Deni for years, but he’s resisted giving in to his attraction. When he is summoned to be married, he’s delighted to discover Deni is not only a member of the secret society, but one of his partners…along with billionaire playboy, Price.

Their strong personalities clash—in and out of the bedroom—but Price and Gunner have to put aside their overprotectiveness, and Deni must put aside her pride, when someone tries to stop her research—with deadly methods.

“The power of three: lust, danger and passion, all rolled into one sexy package!” —Cari Quinn, USA Today Bestselling Author