San Francisco Lost

San Francisco Lost

Orchid Club, Book 2

He’ll find her. No matter what it takes…

James can’t wait to see, to touch, Christiana again. For three nights, collar in hand, he waits.
She never shows.
And when he asks, it’s revealed there is no member named Christiana.

Christiana knows it’s time to stop pining over James. By now he knows she wasn’t who she said she was and has probably moved on. She should too.
Maybe it’s time to try submitting to a different Dom.

James should let it go.
He should let her go.
But he can’t shake the feeling that she’s in danger. That she needs him.

What readers are saying…

“I am in love with James and Christiana as both seem to be looking for more than the fantasy but stuck in very differing worlds where reality is starker than the beautifully exotic and sensually erotic secret the Orchard Club produces.”