Stolen Faith

Stolen Faith

Trinity Masters: Crossroads Contempt, Book 2

Falling in love while being tortured isn’t just a trial by fire, it’s trial under fire. 

Izabel didn’t expect her marriage to include kidnapping and torture. The honeymoon hasn’t even begun before she and her new husbands are kidnapped by a group of dangerous zealots. 

She only just met the men she’ll marry, but one of them is hiding his dangerous past. She’ll have to embrace and accept that darkness, because it will take all three of them working together to discover who their enemies are, and what they want.

No matter what their captors do, the one thing they can never reveal is that they’re in an arranged menagé marriage because they’re members of America’s oldest and most powerful secret society. If they fail to defeat this enemy, they’ll lose more than their tenuous bond, or their freedom. They could very well lose their lives.

Completed Series: This is a complete two-book series.