Suspicion’s Fire

Suspicion’s Fire

Trinity Masters, Trinity Masters: The Mafia, Book 1

She’s a pawn in a deadly game, and before it’s over, she’ll end up on the auction block.

Gabriella knew her wedding wouldn’t be traditional–after all, it’s an arranged marriage to two men. But when a bomb goes off at the reception, she realizes that her new husbands both have dark secrets. The kind of secrets that mean people want them, and now her, dead.

The get-to-know-you honeymoon is put on hold as Gabriella, Vicente, and Emiliano race against the clock to find their enemies, before their enemies find them. But when the mafia catches up with them, it’s Gabriella they take, and she may pay the price for her husbands’ sins.

Trigger Warning: dubious consent and elements of human trafficking.