To Catch a Sub

To Catch a Sub

Club Alibi, Book 1

To keep her safe, he’ll become her Master.

When art thief Colette Beaumont hands Interpol Agent Landon Malik a stolen diamond and claims she’s in danger, he knows not to trust her. But when he’s forced to protect her, he takes her to the safest place he knows: Club Alibi.

* * *

Releases June 20th from Lila’s Shop, and June 25th at all major ebook retailers

* * *

Desperation has art thief Colette Beaumont running to the man who almost caught her years ago: Interpol Agent Landon Malik.

She needs Interpol to not only protect her, but arrest the dangerous man currently hunting her. The cold way Landon looks at her has Colette worried she’s made a mistake coming to him for help, despite their chemistry and past.

She decides she can’t trust Landon with full truth of her situation, or show him the wounds her enemy already left on her body.

But keeping secrets might not be an option, when Interpol sends her and Landon to Club Alibi. The private club for people with very specific interests may be a fortress, and staying there guarantees her safety, but as long as she’s there, she has to play by the club rules…

Landon Malik knows not to trust Colette. He fell for her lies once, and he’s sure that her story about being in danger is a lie—a way to manipulate not just him, but all of Interpol. Except sometimes he sees real fear in her eyes…and real desire. For him.

When his boss sends them to Club Alibi, Landon knows exactly how to get Colette to tell him the truth. He’ll become her Master.

Colette is willing to submit her body to the delicious, depraved things Landon wants to do to her, but no matter how much she might want to trust Landon, it’s too risky. If he knew who was after her, he might be willing to sacrifice her to take down a ruthless criminal.

But those secrets might kill her, because Colette’s enemy is closer than she thinks…and her only hope may be the man whose touch she craves.

* * *

To Catch a Sub is a delicious blend of *spicy* club romance, romantic suspense, and geeky art history, with a dash of noir mystery and art heist vibes. There are a few dark moments and elements, but this is not a dark romance. Please check the trigger warning.

* * *

To Catch a Sub Contains:

  • Enemies to Lovers
  • “Who did this to you?”
  • A club. No, not a dance club. A *club*
  • Kink and toys
  • Kidnapping
  • Rescue
  • Groveling
  • He fell first
  • Punishment
  • Sexy thievery

* * *

NOTE: The book has a different cover for the print edition. Same book, two covers.

The print book is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Ingram.


In addition to common BDSM elements, this story contains mentions of, or on-page scenes with: • Graphic Violence
• Sexual Assault
• Kidnapping
• Piercing/Needles
• Childhood Emotional Abuse
Skip or skim chapters 34 through 37 to avoid the most graphic elements.