Wrath’s Storm

Wrath’s Storm

Trinity Masters: The Hayden Brothers, Book 3

Hot sexy triplet #3 (The one who’s both charming and a doctor.)

Dr. Walt Hayden is unflappable, but when a giant blond man walks into his rural medical clinic and starts teaching the youth to shoot bad guys…something has gone weirdly wrong. The last thing Walt expected was to deal with a wedding, a stalker, and a serial killer…in that order. 

Attending his brother’s wedding starts a journey that leads to the beautiful Annalise, whose life is threatened by a stalker, and her stoic, strong bodyguard, Jakob. 

Walt may be the only man who can help put the pieces together to identify a killer who has already claimed one of the Masters’ Admiralty’s own. And if he falls in love with a member or two of that secret society along the way, well… 

That love is doomed, because Walt is already promised to the Trinity Masters.