Where can I buy Lila Dubois books?

All ebook retailers, including Amazon, Apple, Nook (B&N), Kobo, and Google Play. They are also available through the Kobo Plus subscription app.

Additionally, some series are available to read for free (wait to unlock) on Radish. Seach “The Checklist Game” and “Undone Lovers” on the app.

Why can’t I buy the book on Amazon?

Ebooks cannot be purchased from the Amazon app. I know, that seems wrong, but that is, in fact, true.

If you go to buy an ebook, and there’s no “purchase” button, only “download sample” it’s because you’re in the phone or tablet app. Books can only be purchased from the amazon website (use your phone’s browser) or a device (kindle).

Do the Checklist series books need to be read in order?

No. Each book starts at the same point in time, and many are happening simultaneously. While their a few characters who pop up in others books, each letter is a stand alone story.