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Given away to another Dom

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She never expected that the letter G would mean given away to another Dom. Sejal’s Master gives her to Master Cortland Dowell, a ridiculously sexy Dom who looks at her in a way her own Master hasn’t in far too long.

Liam has loved Rosa nearly half his life, but he knows he doesn’t make her happy. Thinking it will please her, Liam allows Rosa to join another Dom’s harem. Pushed to his breaking point by what he sees his lover doing, Liam will decide if their past will stop him from becoming the Master she needs, or if he’ll accept the darkness of his own desires. Chastity is delighted when she learns she’s been assigned the letter “I” as part of the club’s checklist game. After all, there’s nothing she loves more than a spanking or flogging, both forms of impact play. She’s in for a surprise, when she learns that “impact” isn’t even on the list.

A deceptively simple list of toys becomes something so much more when these couples accept the truth about who they really are, and what they need.

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