To Catch a Sub


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When art thief Colette Beaumont hands Interpol Agent Landon Malik a stolen diamond and claims she needs help, he knows not to trust her. But when he’s forced to protect her, he takes her to the safest place he knows: Club Alibi.

The members-only BDSM club is a fortress, but to truly keep her safe, and discover what she’s hiding, he’ll have to become her Master.


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Desperation has cat-burglar Colette Beaumont running to the only person who ever came close to catching her: Interpol Agent Landon Malik.

Seeing him again is a shock, because the chemistry between them hasn’t changed. But the cold way he looks at her has Colette worried she’s made a mistake.

She needs Interpol to not only protect her, but arrest the dangerous man currently hunting her. She doesn’t dare trust Landon with full truth of her situation, or show him the wounds her enemy already left on her body.

But keeping secrets might not be an option, when Interpol sends her and Landon to Club Alibi. The private BDSM club is a fortress, and staying there guarantees her safety. But as long as she’s there, she has to play by the club rules…

Landon Malik knows not to trust Colette, after all she’s a thief. He fell for her lies once, and his failure to catch her is the biggest frustration of his career. Her story about being in danger is a lie—a way to manipulate not just him, but all of Interpol.

When his boss sends him and Colette to Club Alibi, using the Interpol-run BDSM club as a safe house, Landon knows exactly how to get her to tell him the truth. He’ll become Colette’s Master.

Colette might be willing to submit her body to all the delicious, depraved things Landon wants to do to her, but not matter how much she might want to trust Landon with the truth, she doesn’t dare.

And that might be what gets her killed, because Colette’s enemy is closer to finding her than she thinks.


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