Checklist: D, E, F


“Stop making me cry! This book series is amazing”


eBook Box Set includes “D is for…”, “E is for…”, and “F is for…”


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At L.A.’s most exclusive BDSM club, a new game means Cleo will have a new Dom. She never dreamed she’d end up with the Dom who has the power to destroy her soul—her first Master, and ex-husband—Hadrian.

Aram Green knows he’s a cliche—the divorce lawyer who doesn’t believe in love—and he has no intention of letting the checklist game change the way he tops. But when he meets Charlie he’ll have to decide if he’s willing to relax his own rules, and fight to keep her, even after they’re done with the letter E.

Katrina’s first day as a member coincides with the start of the checklist game. She’s been desperately wanting to submit once more, and Master Dante is sexy, kind, and seriously dominant—all the things a sub could wish for. But when they take on the letter F and all the kinks, toys and activities associated with it, Katrina learns the past doesn’t always stay dead and buried.

Each story is a standalone erotic romance.


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