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Never date a Dom.

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If they’d met at a bar, Daniel and Autumn would have gone home together. They’re both single, and their attraction is instant, their chemistry amazing.

But they met at Las Palmas, L.A.’s most exclusive, private club for people with certain predilections. Both assigned to the letter “N”, they’ll have to work through their checklist items while fighting their attraction to one another.

There’s no club rule that says they can’t date, however, Autumn has a rule of her own. Never date Doms.

Daniel might be the one man who could make her happy for the rest of her life, but she won’t let herself fall for him. And even if she did…the minute he learned her secret, Daniel would walk away. But her perfect man has a dark secret of his own, and a weekend of intense play might just mean that both their secrets will come to life.

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  1. Joyce Benoit

    This book must be one of my favorite in this series. It was absolutely amazingly fantastic.
    Daniel and Autumn have instant chemistry, they are witty, sassy with a great sense of humor and a great respect for each other. There is so much happening right from the beginning and I liked that their communication was open and caring. Daniel was great at showing Autumn at having a better understanding and acceptance of her submission and how Autumn accepted Daniel’s past without judgment. I had a difficult time putting the book down, it was epic, hot and wickedly kinky!
    This story was a little different from the past books and it was a great change. Loved the humor, the wanting each other outside the D/S and taking the chance. So well put together, Lila is a brilliant writer, get the book it is worth reading. You will not be disappointed!

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