Undone Lovers Complete Series


When romance and rockabilly collide, the results are sexy and scandalous.


  • Undone Rebel
  • Undone Dom
  • Undone Diva
  • Undone Toy


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Get all four books in the Undone Lovers series in this exclusive box set.

Undone Rebel

Addie loves a challenge, and when she’s asked to model for a BDSM 101 book, she excited to try something new. She’ll be working with three different men, but despite the sexy nature of the shoots she doesn’t expect this to be an intimate experience. Until she meets Lane.

Lane’s a professional geek by day, but he spends his nights bringing women to exquisite heights of pleasure…and pain. He’s come to accept that no woman will ever want both sides of him–the geek and the master. Then he meets Addie.

The attraction is instant, their chemistry explosive, and when they scene together they find in each other the missing piece of their heart. There’s just one problem.

Lane isn’t the only Dom Addie has to submit to.

Undone Dom

Alton gave up on vanilla relationships years ago. An expert Dom, he believes BDSM isn’t something you play at—it’s a lifestyle, and he’s turned the training and discipline of submissives into an art form. When a sub misbehaves, their Master sends them to Alton.

Lulu has been curious about BDSM since her friend Addie met and fell in love with a Dom. Alton normally wouldn’t go near someone who isn’t already familiar with BDSM, but something about Lulu calls to him.

In Alton’s training rooms Lulu is bound, disciplined and above all pleasured, each experience even wilder than her fantasies. But as he introduces her to the complex and dark world of BDSM, Alton is the one who is transformed, because Lulu is like no one he’s ever met, and he’s suddenly fantasizing about white picket fences and vanilla sex.

The Dom who swore that romance had no place in BDSM has to take a crash course in wooing if he’s going to keep the sub who’s got him in knots.

Undone Diva

Everyone in Hollywood has a sex tape, but when A-lister Sasha Brazil is blackmailed because she’s a submissive she’ll have to pay, or risk her career. Sasha turns to her lawyer for help, never guessing quiet, reserved Emory is a Dom.

Emory’s shocked when his most famous client—a kick-ass action star—is a secret submissive. She needs his legal help…and she needs a Master. It’s supposed to be sex-only, a safe way for her to get her needs met, but the relationship quickly morphs into something more.

Except Sasha has secrets, and when the man who turned Sasha into a submissive shows up, even love may not be enough to save her.

Undone Toy

Kiara takes a job modeling for a super sexy photoshoot, but that’s all it’s meant to be—a job. Until she sees Reis, the man she’ll be pretending to sub for in front of the camera. How can she keep it strictly professional when the man topping her is her ex, and the only man she’s ever called Master.


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